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Welcome to the home of the UK based record label AD Music. Established in 1989 by veteran synth musician and composer David Wright, our artists produce original electronic music in the chill, downtempo, space, ambient, Krautrock (Berlin School) and Post Rock styles. Its ethos has been to present quality melodic instrumental music that is often hard to categorise and to provide a platform for previously unknown musicians to get their music heard.

With 30 artists from around the world producing a wide range of electronic music styles, we hope you will enjoy exploring our store and the diverse musical worlds our artists offer. The site has many testimonials both to the music and to the excellent service it provides selling CDs and MP3 & Flac downloads at competitive prices. Please enjoy your visit.

Latest AD Music News

  • We’ve moved to a new website at and there you will find our catalogue in CD and download format, plus news and special offers.

New Music Releases

Firebird by Lord of the Ants
An imaginative blend of rhythmic electronic music and cinematic electronica, with deep house, chill, rock, dance and experimental influences. This is a superbly produced and hugely entertaining album that grabs and holds your attention from start to finish.
Of Moons and Stars by iotronica
‘Pilgrimage’ continues the trend of recent Steve Orchard releases with laid back guitars and piano mixed with electronic sounds.
Where there are rhythms, they’re purposeful yet unfussy, providing gentle rhythmic motion. The emphasis is on mood and feel and it’s all very chilled.
beyond the airwaves by david wright
‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1’ is a pulsating voyage into cosmic electronic music. Imaginative and creative, it presents strong rhythms and sequences underpinning a multitude of layers and lush passages that are rich with drama. 48 minutes of brand new music plus an epic 30 minute reimagining of his classic ‘Walking with Ghosts’ suite.
Of Moons and Stars by iotronica
An epic space music journey in the best tradition of UK style synth music. It features 8 interlinked tracks, dominated by dense keyboards, drifting synths, strings, choirs, choral effects, occasional sequencing and atmospheres. Music to explores the wonders of the universe to and to be transported far beyond the stars.
shadow of the wind remastered
‘Shadow of the Wind’ is full of infectious, heartfelt melodies and contemporary motifs. The music sweeps along majestically atop superb up-tempo and laid back sequencing, often with romantic overtones. Includes new music composed by Bekki Williams specially for this release.
Similar to the moody, melodic Chris Franke style of electronic music (think ‘Pacific Coast Highway’), with occasional tinges of Vangelis. ‘Visions' is a bold attempt to bridge the electronic and chill out genres, which it does with some success due to the dreamy melodic quality of the music itself.
Forever Changes by Claudio Merlini
A magical release that grows in a thoughtful and at times, quite wondrous way. The music is instantly appealing as Claudio bares his soul and as such the music is imbued with the most heartfelt and sincere emotions. It’s difficult to imagine anyone who likes melodic electronic music not being captivated by the spell Claudio weaves. A stunning and magical electronic music album!
Tidal CD by Steve Orchard
This is a smooth, drifting album of serene, almost meditative music. It captures the mood and feel of the ocean from the delicate opening of ‘Seagull’s Cry’ and maintains it to the closing title track. ‘Tidal’ is a very accessible Steve Orchard album that will certainly please his existing fans and could well broaden his fan base to the wider electronic music genre. His best to date.
Eternal Now CD by Paul Sills
‘Eternal Now’ has a sense of warmth and depth that drifts along effortlessly with strong themes and infectious melodies, underpinned by the gently rhythmic motion supplied by drums, percussion, occasional sequences and nice synth work. Full of moody emotion this is stunningly beautiful EM.
OS1 alchemic by OS
A rich combination of deliciously warm and rounded electro sounds, presenting a sweet and spicy cocktail of exotic downtempo and deep house music with a zest of smooth jazzy flavours. The music is haunting with more than a hint of the sensual at play. A treat for the senses and terrific chill out music.
Asfafa 2 CD by Robert Fox
Rich, warm and grandiose music from the master of the grand soundscapes. ASFAFA 2 is a sensational reimagining of the hugely popular 1991 album, completely re-recorded with additional new music. The classic em album of the 1990’s is now a classic for the 21st century as well. The epic journey feel and indeed the very mystique that surrounded the original remains intact here!
Transfer Of My Affections CD by The Pels Syndicate
A sensational journey through sound and emotions, presenting a highly original album of cutting edge, melodic electronic music. Frank Pels adapts modern beats and sounds, from techno, urban and dub step in his own unique way, combining them with melody and cinematic themes, atmospheres and soundscapes, creating a whole new world of intelligent music and sound.
Code Indigo Take the Money and Run CD
The final Code Indigo CD is a stunning musical legacy of unreleased and reworked music that is “rhythmic, poetic and melodic”. It highlights the bands creativity and willingness to be different as well as concluding the ‘Chill' and ‘Meltdown’ social commentary. A beautiful production!
Code Indigo Take the Money and Run CD and DVDr
Creative and highly original, this is the perfect marriage between music and imagery showcasing the extraordinary graphics created for the 2013 e-day concert intertwined with live footage of the bands final concert performance.
Still Waters CD by Robert Fox
Still Waters is a beautiful, drifting excursion into eastern mysticism that both captivates and entrances with its gentle calm assurance. Delicate strings and pads are the canvas for superbly played eastern solo instruments, piano, acoustic guitar and occasional vocal textures that sketch a series of emotive and heartfelt themes. The gorgeous music retains an ethereal, magical otherworldliness that is utterly compelling. A terrific release from Robert Fox.

dream by Acheloo - ambient electronic instrumental music CD
Another gorgeous space music voyage from Acheloo, whose music continues to amaze with its originality and emotional depth. Fans of the ambient, drifting style electronic space music will find much to enjoy here. Indeed, the wonderful combination of strings and pads, deep swirling atmospherics and electric guitar make for a potent mix that engulfs the senses. Hauntingly beautiful, with an incredible feel and an undertow that transports the listener to faraway places in time and space.

AD Music Sample Compilations

The "Best of albums" Volumes 1 - 6 provide an excellent introduction to the diverse musical talents the label has to offer, featuring music that is generally representative of the artists and of the music found on their individual albums.

Ocean of Light

Walking with Angels music CD

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels music CD

Beyond Paradise

Beyond Paradise music CD

Night Music

Night music CD

A Little More Night Music

More Night music CD

Sacred Skies

Sacred of Skies - The best of AD Music volume 2 - instrumental electronic music CD

Trance AD

Instrumental Trance music CD - electronic melodic dance and chillout

After Midnight

After Midnight by Various Artists
And She Held The Moon by Bekki Williams Fractal Dream by Divine Matrix
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