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david wright electronic musician In Search of Silence by david wright

David Wright is now considered one of the foremost instrumental music composers, consistently producing high quality, melodic instrumental music and space music comparable to the best of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and Kitaro.

Founder of the AD Music label and co-founder of the instrumental rock band Code Indigo and electronic music project Callisto, his music varies in style, from long and adventurous to short and ethnic influenced. His original and unique style sometimes incorporates guitar and vocal textures, is emotive and laced with classical, rock, ambient and cultural influences that make his albums as diverse as they are original. His album Dreams and Distant Moonlight won the Schallwelle 2008 em album of the year award.

robert fox electronic musician Short Stories by Robert Fox

Robert Fox is amongst the most popular of the UK synthesists with a unique sound and style that is thematic, emotive and often dramatic. Regarded by many as 'Master of the Grand Soundscape", he remains at the forefront of the more grandiose, 'new age' style of electronic music.

Co-founder of Code Indigo, his works are typified by long, journey style compositions based on personal travels and experiences and often include vocal textures. His music is often compared to the best of Vangelis and Constance Demby.

code indigo electronic instrumental music band Live by Code Indigo

UK ambient rock band Code Indigo remain one of AD Music's most prominent acts. Early output drew comparisons to The Orb, Enigma, Art of Noise and instrumental Pink Floyd. Formed by David Wright and Robert Fox in 1995, guitarist Nik Smith and keyboardist Vaughn Evans completed the original line up.

With a strong worldwide following, their albums remain perennial favorites. Their 2004 CD "Timecode" was one of the top 25 essential CD's on Echoes U.S. syndicated radio for several years, while the 1995 debut For Whom the Bell is considered a seminal album. The band line up has seen many changed over the years, and the current line up is David Wright, Andy Lobban, Nigel Turner-Heffer, Neil Fellowes and Dave Massey.

bekki williams electronic musician

Bekki Williams is a gifted UK composer, specializing in wonderfully warm and rhythmic melodic music. Expertly crafted 'New Age' with heart, soul, and strong classical elements, she remain hugely popular in both the new age and electronic music genres.

Despite fewer studio albums than her illustrious counterparts, she is consistently one of AD Music's most popular artists. Her soundtrack and gaming music has enhanced her reputation even further over the years as a producer of high quality instrumental music.


callisto band pic NYX by Callisto - sequenced electronic instrumental music CD

Callistois the David Wright and Dave Massey project, producing melodic, rhythmic, electronic music that references the classic traditions of Code Indigo, Tangerine Dream, Jarre and Vangelis. Neil Fellowes joined the duo for stage performances in 2009.

The 2004 debut CD `Signal to the Stars' has already been hailed by the music press as "a classic electronic music album". The follow up NYX was released in 2010 along with a 'live' version "Live at the Hampshire Jam" available as a download only.

Geigertek Instrumental musician Soundtrack for City Living by Geigertek

The debut Geigertek album was "The Garden", a superb creation released digitally in July 2008 and also available as a CDr release with AD Music's usual high quality artwork and on body print. The stunning follow up, "The Timeless Mind" was a natural progression, further establishing Geigertek's reputation and leading to his joining Code Indigo and performing live with Callisto.

The music of Geigertek has many influences from a wide range of musical styles, including, and not exclusively, such luminaries as John Foxx, Ultravox, Billy Currie, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Enigma, Isao Tomita, Edvard Grieg, Gustav Mahler, Frederick Delius, Erik Satie and a certain David Wright, the very music that Geigertek's Neil Fellowes listens to when not in the studio writing or recording his own material.

Enterphase CD Cover for Solar Promenades

Enterphase is Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert from the USA, two electronic musicians in the tradition of the European pioneers of the 1970's. Fred was most influenced by the musical productions of Conny Plank for groups like Cluster, Harmonia, Neu and Kraftwerk. Jeff was greatly influenced by the sequential rhythms and melodes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, and the classical and fiery improvisational solos of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Jan Hammer. Jeff has also produced and hosted popular radio programs, including 'Music From the Global Village'.

The music of Enterphase is definietly for fans of 70's Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk, with long improvised sequencer passages and exploratory leads.

Ketil Lien, aka Wim, was born in the ancient Viking City of Trondheim, Norway in 1972. He started listening to the electronic music of Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream in the 80's and they quickly became his biggest early influences. He also has a great liking for Kitaro, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield and the warmth and depth of their music is clearly evident in Wim's emotive style.

Wim focused his efforts in the 1990''s on compositional skills, learning to compose in the manner required to create his own unique style of structured melodic instrumental music with warmth and emotion. The advent of virtual synths and more powerful computers in the new millennium meant he was at last able to create the musical visions he wanted. His superb melodic releases have proved to be a very popular addition to the AD Music catalogue.

acheloo - Carlo LuziCarlo Luzi aka Acheloo is an Italian guitarist born in Rome in 1962. Computer programmer, lover of ambient, experimental and electronic music, he started to play electronic music in 1980 and founded the group "Terra della Sera" with Paolo de Gregori (Kaj Norrljus), producing several projects released on LP in Germany, but which were not widely available.

In 2008 Carlo also released "Sirens" under the alias Acheloo and this was signed by AD Music who also signed the follow-ups "Ishtar" and "Khimaira". Acheloo's music has been described as "The warmest and most evocative and interesting ambient music around".

Glenn Main

Glenn Main is a Norwegian electronic music composer whose music is influenced by such luminaries as Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro. A prolific live performer in Norway, Glenn has won critical acclaim from fans and media alike for his concerts.

steve orchard

The instrumental music of Steve Orchard is highly emotional and inspired by the likes of Tomita, Mike Oldfield & Medwyn Goodall. His roots are based firmly in the folk music scene but his instrumental music is very much based in the meditative, new age, relaxing chill out music style.

Paul Sills Instrumental musician

New age meets melodic, drifting electronic space music.

Samsara by Dead Beat ProjectElectro- acoustic project that would allow musical expression in many genres while keeping a unified core feeling of emotionally inspired music, meandering between rituals, processions, observations and meditations.

dhyanam - electronic musicianDhyanam is originally from the USA and as a teenager he wrote and recorded his songs and played guitar in a number of Rock and R&B bands. The first big change of musical direction came during his time of traveling  and living in India, where he fell in love with Indian music, which led him to study and learn to play the sitar.

His approach to composing is one of letting the melody lead the way, and this is evident throughout his compositions, which are full of heartfelt melodies, interwoven with synthesizer sounds and rhythms, creating a richly woven melodicelectronic tapestry, that is intricate in its simplicity.

Frank PelsDutch composer Frank Pels AKA "The Pels Syndicate" started music very early. He started learning to play the flute and piano at 5 and 7 years old respectively, which eventually resulted in conservatory degrees in Schoolmusic, applied music electronics and jazz piano. Frank's interest in electronic music and instruments was born at age 16 when he purchased his first synthesiser, a 1972 model d mini-moog, which he still uses today. The music is contemporary chill-out with a cinematic edge and The Pels Syndicate has already been described as the "the new Art of Noise".

Richard Bone CDsAmerican artist Richard Bone has been making EM for many years and has produced a wonderful and diverse collection of albums under his own label. "Serene Life of Microbes" is a wonderful ambient journey that we're is pleased to have as part of the AD Music catalogue.

Richard Bone Instrumental musician

Uriel's music is a superb combination of melody and rhythms with strong ethnic overtones. The music is laced with acoustic instruments and vocal textures, superbly produced and crossing numerous musical genres.

witchcraft, As I Hide CD cover When first released in 1995, Witchcraft's highly imaginative and original style of music was years ahead of its time. Gothic Ambient verging on industrial, dark but with melody and tremendous atmosphere, their inventive use of rhythms, vocoder and guitar was both innovative and sensational.

Although Witchcraft have sadly disbanded, these two albums - 'As I Hide' and 'Scattered Areas' remain perennial favorites and are testament to a genuinely original talent that produced a genuinely original sound..

Musician Ashok Prema in his studio

Ashok has been on the UK electronic music scene for many years, and his music perfectly encapsulates the melodic style of Berlin sequencer music with the added bonus of superb guitar work.

dhyanam - electronic musician

Steve Westcotts extraordinary project "The Lord of the Ants" has been described as "musical poetry, brimming with esoteric allusions". It is also bold, non-conformist and touches styles not recognised as mainstream. A perfect addition to the AD Music artist rosta.

Divine Matrix

Divine Matrix is a Steve Barnes pseudonym designed to free himself from the confines of any particular genre and allow room to experiment a little with sound and song structure. The music is very much in the contemporary chill out style of electronica, taking in some of Steve's electronic music influences too. Basically, as Steve said himself; "I wanted a project where my creativity could run free. With such an amazing sound palette at our fingertips made available now by all the modern technology, it really is a great time to be an electronic musician".

steve barnes

Steve Barnes originally made a name for himself in the 1990's dance music scene. His debut for AD Music in 2008 was a totally different affair though, a relaxed and very new age, piano based album, full of memorable and beautiful themes.


The music of South African artist Gareth Ramsay, aka RamsayGee, perfectly highlights AD Music's commitment to release exciting and innovative melodic music. Ramsaygee's albums are totally unique, a hybrid of electronic, tribal, dub and instrumental rock that are always interesting.

Catalin - electronic musician

Romanian artist Catalin is well known for his TV and soundtrack work showing him to be a popular and very talented composer. His wonderful music released on AD Music showcase his Vangelis and Hans Zimmer electronic music influences.

Claudio Merlini

Italian artist Claudio Merlini joined AD Music in 2010 and has quickly established himself as a popular exponent of melodic and innovative electronic music with the excellent Colours of Music, a lyrical and emotive musical journey.

Other Artists

Robert de Fresnes - 2 albums

Robert de Fresnes produces a popular style of new age music that is gently rhythmic, melodic and involving. Both his albums are full of lush melodies, with magical and mythical moments that conjure up the mystery the titles imply.

Raviv Gazit - 1 album

Raviv's only album was the excellent OV1 that sadly failed to find favour and sold poorly. Left AD Music by mutual consent in 2008. All rights to OV1 given back to Raviv in 2008.

The Kobolt Project - 1 track

The Kobolt Project was a Dave Massey project that released several tracks for AD Music compilations, but there are no plans for a CD release.

Louise Eggerton - 1 album

Louise is the face behind the vocals on the 3rd Code Indigo album 'Timecode'.

Her solo 'Natural' is full of melodic, highly original pop songs. A unique collection of personal music.

Jan Hanford:

Jan's only album for AD Music was 'Vespers', It builds on such diverse influences as J.S. Bach, Joseph Haydn and Aphex Twin to produce a truly unique electronic mixture. One of the rocks on which A.D. Music was founded - her assistance with web site etc was invaluable in the early 1990's. Left by mutual consent in 2003 to work with her husband in the forming of Magnatune. All rights to Vespers given back to Jan in 2004.

Chris Harvey:

'The White Sail' was Chris's only album for AD Music and is full of atmosphere and invention. Hoisting his white sail, he draws out into slow and voluptuous electronic seas. A friendly cruise among 11 climates, all of them agreeable. A few albums are still obtainable via SMD and online stores (until stock runs out). Chris Harvey left A.D. Music by mutual consent in 2004 and joined former stable mate Jan Hanford at Magnatune. We wish him all the very best.

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