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Bekki Williams is a gifted UK electronic music composer, specializing in wonderfully warm and rhythmic melodic music. Expertly crafted New Age and electronic music with heart, soul plus strong classical elements that give it immense depth. This is music with considerable structure and style that remains very, very popular.

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'Innersense' by Bekki Williams

Review by Dan Sheridan - Sonic Sense Magazine

"So many impressive instrumental albums have been released this month - and by some of the "big names" in the field too - that you would think we would be hard-pressed to pick a favourite. Not so. It was surprisingly easy, and the "big names" didn't get a look in. Finally, Bekki Williams' long-awaited third album "Innersense" has been released - and that is our clear winner.

Innersense - electronic easy listening instrumental music CDThe first thing to hit me about this album was the incredible CD artwork. Depicting a young woman kneeling naked in a cathedral, holding her own torn and bleeding heart aloft as her ultimate offering to some unseen lover, my attention was immediately grabbed. Disturbing? Possibly. Shocking? Probably. Striking? Definitely. An inspired, beautiful and brave choice of imagery which really pays off in this case - especially when you then read the sleeve notes. I haven't read such personal, honest or touching sleeve notes on an album in a long time - but then again, as the EM genre is highly male-dominated, that's perhaps not too surprising. Everyone knows that we men don't express ourselves as openly as we should for the most part (or so my wife keeps telling me. Hmph!)

Taking the above into consideration, it will come as no surprise then when I tell you that the music on "Innersense" is full of emotion; in fact, to simply say that this album is full of emotion is doing it an injustice. "Innersense" is a study in emotive orchestration and arrangement from beginning to end. I hate to say this, but if this music is the result of a painful and heartbreaking time for Bekki (as it apparently is if the sleeve notes are anything to go by) there's a nasty and selfish part of me that wishes it would happen to her more often. And if she happens to read this review, I hope she realises that I mean that in the nicest possible way. This time there's real soul there. There is not one single weak track on this CD, and for that reason alone it has our April vote for the Sonic Sense Instrumental Album of the Year.

Bekki's natural and seemingly endless talent for creating poignant melodies in the classical/orchestral vein is well-known; however, with this album she excels herself in all respects. This is without doubt "music from the heart". It's also highly accessible across different genres and packed with memorable themes which simply demand repeat playings. It's difficult for me to believe on some tracks that she doesn't have a full orchestra at her command (she should have, by the way). If "Innersense" doesn't net Bekki several commissions for film soundtrack work, I'll be utterly amazed - not to mention frustrated by the unfairness of it all.

"A Breath Away" is one of the most atmospheric album openers I've heard in ages. Lush, warm string and vocal pads lead into a truly lovely flute solo - and if I'm not mistaken, that's a real flute I hear Bekki playing. Add a cello to the mix, sprinkle delicate wind-chimes over the whole thing, and what you have is a hauntingly sad and beautiful piece which reminds me yet again why I have always thought that Bekki should be writing scores for the big screen.

"Secret Recesses of the Heart" is one of those tracks I'm not going to be able to stop humming for weeks. Simple orchestration (guitar, cello, piano and choir layered over a slow drum sample, emphasised by Bekki's trademark string glissandos at key points) makes this one hugely effective - proof that in some cases, less really is more. Reliant solely on superbly structured melodics, and romantic in the extreme, this track contains one particular chord change which is so lovely and so unexpected that it literally made my breath catch in my throat.

"Crystal (Dreams of Sea-Beams)" begins with soft waves lapping against some imaginary shore, and builds from a soft and hypnotic chime sequence into what is arguably one of the most orchestral pieces on the album. The dynamics here work exceptionally well; from gentle piano refrains to full-on string and woodwind sections about halfway through. Bekki's strong and memorable melodic themes throughout are as ever a major strength.

"Subliminal Sensuality" contains some seriously masterful synth sequencing and drum programming. There are also a handful of real vocal samples scattered effectively here and there - Bekki herself perhaps? In this distinctly sultry track, layer upon layer of intricate sequenced synth riffs float over a phased synth pad, and, acting as a backdrop to the aforementioned vocal samples, they eventually morph into a great (if too short) analog lead-line which you just long to see her giving the live treatment to.

"Innersense" is the title track and if I had to choose a "least favourite" piece, this would be it - not because it's bad, far from it - but because for me, the rest of the album simply outshines it. On any other album, this track would probably be the strongest one of all; however this CD is so packed with strong tracks that this one appears a little flat to me by comparison. Still very polished though, and there is a lead halfway through that actually had me playing air-guitar. (Sad I know, but true).

"Under the Same Sky" is a solo piano track, with only a few soft and sweeping strings included to accentuate certain phrases. Question: How do you pack a whole barrel full of emotion, depth of feeling and unashamed romanticism into just two and a half minutes of music? Answer: Get Bekki Williams to write it. Question: How do you write a track with a 3/4 time signature and get away with putting it on a contemporary instrumental album? Answer: Get Bekki Williams to write it. Enough said. I love it.

"Torn" is the real show-stopper on this album in my opinion though. With this one I could literally feel how Bekki must have felt when she wrote it, that's how descriptive this music was to me. A thunderstorm breaks, and, through the rain, a heart-wrenching flute solo sets the scene for what I consider to be the best track on the album. The strength of this track lies in the hugely memorable and soulful melodies that run effortlessly all the way through it. The whole thing just "flows". It's quite a long track at almost seven minutes, but for me that was nowhere near long enough. This piece reminded me of everyone I'd ever loved and lost, everything I ever cared about. If there's one track on this album which deserves huge amounts of radio airplay, it's this one.

Innersense pic"Tears are Eternal" is an absolute gem. Highly classical in style, structure and orchestration, I can imagine bits of this being played on countless TV adverts. I really hope that this will be the case, because it's high time that outstanding musicianship within this genre was recognised more within the field of visual media - and I can think of no-one better to pioneer that recognition than Bekki, if this album (and this piece in particular) is indicative of her current musical mind-set.

"From the Ashes" will delight fans of Bekki's earlier work, as it could have been lifted directly from "Elysian Fields" where overall style and orchestration are concerned; however, what makes this track different is the obvious growth and maturity that her work now shows. I liked this one a lot; it's quite uplifting and strident, with some great sax leads and good use of rhythm.

"Fading" is again largely piano-based. Like "Tears are Eternal", it is also very classical in execution, and is another piece which would not be out of place on a TV or cinema screen somewhere. It's a beautiful and reflective way to end the album, and when it finished it left me thinking about how quickly the album seemed to go by (you would never think that there are 50 minutes of music here, but there are) and more importantly, how much I wanted to play it again. And that, folks, is the sign of good music.

In summary, if I had to choose five words to describe this album, I would have to select: Emotive, heartfelt, poignant, romantic, accomplished. But I can actually sum it up in only three: Buy it now.

'Innersense' by Bekki Williams

Review by Amazing Sounds - Spain

The lastest work by Bekki Williams also is probably one of the best ones she has made. From the precise instant of the beginning of the album, we witness a display of creativity of a high degree. The style of the release flows along different avantgarde aspects of New Instrumental music, Synth-Pop and Melodic Ambient. The music is very emotional, with romantic and also majestic traits. Bekki uses the synthesizers in an unusually warm way, showing us the best of herself as a composer. The album is highly reccommended for those who love the most melodic side of electronic music.

Elysian Fields

Editors choice - Super Nova (UK) 1996

Elysian Fields by Bekki Williams - electronic easy listening instrumental music CD Bekki Williams is a keyboard genius. Elysian Fields will calm you, elate you, make you happy and sad. These powerful sounds will send you soaring among the clouds then through myth, legend and the cosmos.

You will discover places in your inner being that you have never visited before. This is one of the best synth albums that I have heard in a long time. Fifty eight minutes of pure audio enjoyment ensuring that one listen will never be enough.

Elysian Fields is a “must have” album for any collection.

Elysian Fields - Fan Comments

"This new AD Music release is like a breath of fresh air, not just another UK clone work. She brings a definite feminine sensibility into her music, making it more emotive and ornate... the music is as magical as the title implies". - Archie Patterson, Eurock, USA.

"This is warm, melodic EM at its most accomplished".
- Steve Roberts, Sequences Magazine, UK.

"If you want an example of quality music at the romantic, symphonic end of the scale then you will not find better than this".
Graham Getty, SMD Magazine, UK.

Shadow of the Wind

Review by Graham Getty, SMD.

shadow of the wind by Bekki Williams - electronic easy listening instrumental music CD "Cartagra" gets Bekki’s 2nd album off to a solid start. It has romantic overtones which is perhaps no surprise because some of the tracks were penned for accompaniment to a special showing of the Rudolf Valentino silent film classic ‘Desert Song’. The combination of sequencing and infectious melody make for a very satisfying opener.

Mistral’ continues the romantic air, with eastern desert references that reinforce the musical themes. There are similarities to Bekki’s first album, which will please the many admirers of Elysian Fields. In common with that release, the melodies here often have infectious melodies that encourage repeat playing.

"Sirocco" continues the laid back air with gushing themes which swirl around a steady sequenced rhythm and "Silhouettes" presents very much the same feel but in a more strident fashion. "Night Flier" changes the emphasis slightly with a funkier rhythmic feel and busier melody; another successful outing! ‘River of Nights Dreaming’ brings the sequencing more to the fore and picks out another well constructed melody.

"The Talisman" is a really superb mixture of up tempo sequencing and contemporary motifs while "Azmara" sounds just like the main title theme of a 30’s romantic movie with more sweeping synth line and heart felt themes and piano adding to the poignant air. ‘Hymn for Her’ combines an epic dune swept vista with novel detail and the result is again impressive. The album closes with a cranked up remix of ‘Talisman’ with Dave Barker.

If you want an example of quality music at the romantic, symphonic end of the scale, then you will not find better than this.

Shadow of the Wind - Fan Comments

"Shadow of the Wind is a masterpiece of symphonic electronic music that will remind many of the best works by the Euro Superstars Jarre and Vangelis... the level of sophistication both musically and instrumentally is stunning. It's rare that a relatively new artist comes up with anything this impressive". (Archie Patterson, Eurock Magazine, USA.)

"Rich, melodious and soaringly soulful synth, with dare I say, a female touch ... just listen to tracks like Azmara and Hymn (for Her). There's a warmth and sensitivity here that could only come from a woman. Hit me with your handbag if you like, but it's true".
Ashley Franklin, BBC Radio Derby & Saga Radio.

"This is warm, melodic EM at its most accomplished. Bekki's style is a world away from the free-form analogue improvisations of some contemporary acts, and yet she represents what is probably the most accessible genre of EM, concentrating on melody and wide-eyed romanticism. Its potential appeal is great and she could turn out to be AD Music's first big breakthrough. Watch this space".
(Steve Roberts, Sequences Magazine, UK.)

'Innersense' by Bekki Williams

Fan Comments

Innersense by Bekki Williams - easy listening instrumental music CD"I put Innersense on in the car and started playing it on the way to the gym. By the time I got there I was in pieces; never has an album (and moreover, one single track - A Breath Away) had such an immediate affect on me. The breathtaking beauty and emotion that was put into the record literally tore my heart out.

I had to compose myself before going into the gym and all I can say is a huge thank you to Bekki for sharing such personal feelings with us through her music. To say I was waiting in anticipation of this album is an understatement but it has truly exceeded even my high expectations. I simply can't praise it enough!"
Martin C

"I had to write and thank you for releasing Innersense by Bekki Williams. This stunning, emotive music moved me to tears within the first 5 minutes, and from there it took me through every emotion I think it's possible for a person to feel. I'm finding it very difficult indeed to express just how special and beautiful I think the music on this album is, but I hope that you will accept my heartfelt thanks for publishing it. It's been a long wait for us fans, but boy has it been worth it." - Erik D.

"Thank you for your beautiful album 'Innersense'. I took delivery of it this morning and it's not been off my CD player for the best part of the day!" 'A Breath Away' and 'Secret Recesses of the Heart' are incredibly poignant tracks, each evoked something very personal within me, whilst the track 'From the Ashes' brought a promise of hope and new beginnings. I can appreciate that it has been a very long and emotional journey for you in the creation of these works; it is evident throughout the whole album. It has guts, intensity and most importantly for me - Soul. Thank you for sharing that. It's also great to see a woman giving those EM blokes a run for their money again! - Chris R

"What a superb album! Obviously heartfelt but superb layers and textures and, dare I say it, 'catchy tunes!" (that's the Geodie in me)  - Anyway that's my first exposure to Bekki's material but not the last.  Hopefully there'll be a chance of seeing Bekki perform live - wish I'd caught her last year." - Ian B

"Innersense belongs in every collection regardless of personal preference. It is a beautifully crafted album born from a moving and sad personal experience. Listening to the cd is like reading a wonderful novel. One that the author takes you by the hand through a remarkable journey of emotion and experience. Note by note you are drawn into her story and you can visualize every moment of her experience. She is a rare and wonderful talent." - Ken Onstad

'Innersense' by Bekki WIlliams

Steve Roberts - SMD

Innersense by Bekki Williams - electronic easy listening instrumental music CDAfter what appears to be a difficult gestation, 'Innersense' is finally with us and it does not disappoint. Having seen Bekki at the Leicester Space Centre I had some idea of the quality of the album and in my view it is easily her best work to date. 'Innersense' is also more varied than Bekki's previous work and this greater contrast makes for a very impressive album. Yet, Bekki's signature melodicism and symphonic flourishes are still very much evident. 'A Breath Away' begins with a wonderful melancholic refrain which gradually builds in intensity and emotion. On most albums this would be the stand out cut but such is the overall quality of the set that there is even better to come.

'Secret Recesses of the Heart' is an outstanding piece, opening with an instantly memorable motif, vocal effects and orchestral climaxes but this is carefully juxtaposed with more subdued piano interludes and sequencing. The use of light and shade and subtle sense of dynamics are exceptional. 'Crystal (Dreams of Sea-Beams)' begins with yet another superbly crafted melody, gentle harp effects and piano before the orchestral treatments, but the innate and fragile beauty of the music is maintained to the end.'Subliminal Sensuality' is yet another gem beginning with sequencers travelling between channels and a more tranquil atmosphere before a distinctly muscular rhythm kicks in and Bekki adds layers of sequencing and synth soloing. Possibly my favourite track but there is some real competition. The title cut is another highly emotive piece, which reminded me a little of Jan Hammer at his best, before Bekki's orchestral leads provide a perfect counterpoint to the sequencing.

'Under the Sky' changes the tempo with solo piano eventually joined by strings in perfect harmony. A thunder clap heralds 'Torn' but instantly proceeds into subdued malancholia but with a strong rhythmic backbone to accompany the well crafted melodies, orchestration and piano. 'Tears are Eternal' is an intensely romantic, quasi-classical piece consisting of piano and strings providing a prelude to 'From the Ashes' which adds an air of defiance and optimism with an intensely emotional orchestral motif. The sequencing and detail make this another highlight.

Finally, 'Fading' provides a gentle conclusion, the calm after the storm, piano and strings combining to create a restful and satisfying end to a memorable album. Reading the sleevenotes only confirms which is obvious upon listening to the music, that the recording of 'Innersense' was a deeply personal and purgative experience for the composer. It has been a refreshing experience and a privelege to hear such inspired and emotionally charged electronic music.

It is easily Bekki's finest achievement so far and I hope that even you retroheads out there give this a listen too. Jackie Wu's distinctive cover, entitled 'I Give You my Heart' is unusual for the genre and I can see that it may capture the essence of the album but it doesn't quite butter my muffin. However, I am nit picking now ,like the cover or not, the music is terrific. 'Innersense' is an instant classic.


Review by Andy G - CDS

For those not already familiar with her talents, Bekki Williams is a UK electronic music composer with that rare gift for producing wonderfully warm and rhythmic music with real melody - Expertly crafted electronic music with lots of heart and soul, plus a strong classical element that gives it immense depth. This is music with considerable structure and style that remains very, very popular to this day, and her eagerly awaited 3rd album: ‘Innersense’ is available at last. From the beautiful symphonic opening track ‘A Breath Away’, right to the heartfelt closing moments of: ‘Fading’, this album will charm you all the way, and, if you're into lush, melodic works then this new Bekki Williams album is sure going to fill a large gap in your “Synth Music” collection.

Innersense by Bekki Williams - electronic easy listening instrumental music CDBekki Williams first two albums blended the aggressive and bombastic melodic approach of Shreeve’s ‘Legion’ & ‘Crash Head’ albums with the pure tune laden style and rhythmic structures of the first three Pickford’s releases, and she came out with her own mainstream sound that was to prove popular with a large portion of the “Synth Music” fan-base. A lengthy period of time has passed since the release of her first two albums: ‘Elysian Fields’ and ‘Shadow Of The Wind’, and what we now have is an amalgam of symphonic styles that range from those of her label owner David Wright to that of the aforementioned.  The emphasis is much more firmly based with the symphonic side of things, but the classic melodic leanings are still well in evidence on ‘Innersense’.

The opening track: ‘A Breath Away’ starts off sounding very like that early symphonic romantic track: ‘I.FO.’ that opens John Dyson’s ‘Evolution’ album, with its ethereal choral sounds and eerie strings, then it opens out into this huge orchestral passage that closes in one of those string filled anthemic finales, that is again very reminiscent of early Dyson work. ‘Secret Recesses Of The Heart’ is next up, and it’s also full of sweeping symphonic strings, pretty melodies and choral voices that come from a variety of keyboards and electronic rhythms, but early on in the track, you will hear this short passage where this killer of a synth melody line strikes up and takes the album up a few energy levels and on to a higher musical plain.

After that the track takes a course that also brings that dreamy symphonic David Wright feel to the fore, with strong orchestral melodies, lush layers of string synths and soft rhythmic backdrop. ‘Crystal {Dreams Of Sea Beams}’ arrives to the sounds of waves and seabirds, then a beautifully romantic oboe-like synth melody backed by crystalline synth rhythms and strings takes the wheel, and steers the music on a gentle flowing path. As percussive tinkings are heard, the cyclical lead melody line sails up and glides to and fro over the top of the calm string backdrop, and its all very orchestral and relaxed sounding.

‘Subliminal Sensuality’ then injects some semblance of force and cohesion into things with a good solid shuddering rhythm over some rather gorgeous heavenly choral voices, then the string synths emerge as the lead melody line rises to the top and becomes the main focus of attention over the deep and spacious backdrop. After a brief break for some atmospherics and drifting melodies, the thudding beats return and the whole thing erupts and that "feel" continues into the title track and makes further appearances throughout the rest of the album, all of which follows a similar trail – tons of tunes, lashings of strings, bucketfuls of romance and themes that sound like Movie soundtracks.

Innersense’ has more melodies and tunes than you can shake a stick at, and somehow manages to wrap them up in such a way that they come out sounding like John Dyson meets Andy Pickford meets David Wright yet still sounds original and sounds like, well, Bekki Williams!. This isn't “Berlin School”, but rhythmically you do get a fair bit of strong stuff from assorted sequenced electronics, electro-percussive beats and programmed rhythms, albeit it swamped in more strings than the Halle Orchestra!

Innersense’ is the sort of album that (sadly!!) just doesn’t exist anymore, no one has dared to make one!!! But Bekki Williams has, so hats off to her for producing music she feels passionately about, and it’s passion that comes flowing out the music from this CD like a river.

If you like melody, tunes, direction, purpose, cohesion and beauty in your synth music, then look no further, because ‘Innersense’ will be a godsend, possibly THE album to fill that large gap in your collection that Dyson and Pickford left when they stopped making music like this.

Elysian Fields

Review by Steve Smith, SMD.

After fighting off the dog, who has a penchant for shredding jiffy bags as they drop through the letterbox, this eagerly awaited debut CD was straight onto the player. The opening two tracks were the reason for my eagerness, being both featured on the '1995AD' CD. 'Megaera' is very upbeat and melodic and has shades of a more modern style Tangerine Dream.

'Elysian Fields Part 1' is a classically based rich and powerful piece of music. Onto the previously unheard material, and immediately we are presented with style that a certain other EM artist from Derby specializes in - Andy Pickford. 'Charon' could easily be taken from 'Terraformer' with its Pickford-style sequencing overlaid with heavenly voices. 'Moon of Artemis' features more AP references with heavy drum patterns and sequencing and again a slightly classical mood. 'Hera' slows things down with a piano solo which develops into a steady synth track, returning to the piano to close.

'Secrets of the Labyrinth' is a track which needs playing many times to pick out everything. Starting with spacey synth washes, the sequences then come in backed by guitar effects. Sequences then dominate before more synth takes over. 'Icarus' has another Pickford-style intro before developing into a really attractive foot-tapper. 'In the Arms of Morpheus' slows things down again, a powerful rhythmic outing with flutey synth and sax sections.

'A Glance from Medusa' needs the volume turned up to fully appreciate it. A real "stormer" of a track with Pickford style sequencing bursting from the speakers. 'Elysian Fields Part 2' closes the album, and actually reminds me more of Robert Fox from the 'Asfafa' / 'Fire and the Rose' days. It features rich orchestral sounds with strong classical leanings, concluding with a return to the theme of 'Part 1' on piano.

This CD is a superb debut. Many of you will wonder at times "could this be one Andy Pickford in disguise?" It is certainly as good as his work, and leaves you eagerly waiting for her live appearances and future albums. It's great to hear true EM from a female in what has previously been a male dominated area. If this is anything to go by, let's have more!

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