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Composer and keyboard player Claudio Merlini was born in Milan, Italy in 1981. When he was just 10 years old, Claudio obtained his first electronic keyboard and from that moment, all he wanted to do was compose instrumental music. His passion for music lead him to prefer spending time composing rather than participating in other 'typical' childhood activities. This was hardly surprising though, because Claudio's father had a passion for new age music, so it was all around Claudio from an early age. Indeed, Claudio believes his father's interest in the genre helped develop his music style, so rich in harmonies and stylised musical arrangements.

Claudio would soon be influenced by luminaries of the genre like Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre, as the cultural city of Milan itself experienced the birth of electronic and new age music. Over the years Claudio perfected his musical skills, clearly drawing on his influences, but retaining a clearly defined style of his own. In 2008, he released his first album 'Flight of Fantasy' which was published under the name 'Sound Experience'. The album gained a good response from audience and critics and Claudio's second album 'The Colours of Music' was released by AD Music in 2010.

  Claudio Merlini

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Release 2014 AD119CDForever Changes
Forever Changes by Claudio Merlini

Forever Changes

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A magical third release from Italian maestro Claudio Merlini and easily his best too date. 'Forever Changes' shows a growing development and maturity in terms of music and production. There is a strong sense of purpose here and the music has depth and power that previous albums hinted at, but never quite attained. On 'Forever Changes' though, each track develops and grows in a thoughtful and at times, quite wondrous way.

Whether through the dynamics found on 'Fireworks’ and ‘The Spinning Wheel’, or the understated beauty in tracks like 'Calling Nature' and 'Adam and Eve’, the music is instantly appealing. Claudio bares his soul in his music, and as such it is imbued with the most heartfelt and sincere emotions that instantly connect with the listener. It’s difficult to imagine anyone who likes melodic electronic music not being captivated by the spell Claudio weaves. 'Forever Changes’ is quite simply a stunning and magical electronic music album!


Claudio Merlini's music has similar emotional sensibilities to label stalwarts David Wright and Bekki Williams, so its easy to see why the Italians maestros music is proving so popular. "Enchantment" is a superb multi-layered, electronic instrumental music opus that at times reminds one of Tangerine Dream circa "Exit" with its haunting and occasionally dark themes. As with Claudio's previous releases, there are occasional world music influences, but these are subtle and never overdone.

The music is melodic and atmospheric with gently drifting rhythms and a wonderful depth and feel that demands repeated listens. It will appeal to lovers of melodic em (like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jarre) and as well as being mastered and co-produced by David Wright, he also pitches in with a remix of the title track.

The Colour of Music

Sensational electronic music album from Claudio Merlini. Melodic and hugely emotive, this album oozes real class and style. Claudio has a unique and captivating sound, leaning toward 80's synth music and with clear influences like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. But, these are only noted for reference, because the music is contemporary and has its own very clear identity.

The album contains superb arrangements and a haunting beauty encapsulated in some truly wonderful themes and a terrific sense of motion. The music also has an astonishing blend of innocence and maturity, and it is that unusual combination that makes the music so instantly likeable and will enable this talented Italian musician to have broad appeal across the electronic and new age genres.

The album also contains a track called "Travellers In Time", which is probably one of the most beautiful tracks you're ever likely to hear, anywhere! We don't just highly recommended this album, we're saying it's a "must have" and you're really missing out if you don't investigate it!

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