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Dead Beat Project is the brainchild of Olivier Goyet, a much travelled, classically trained French musician. Olivier put together Dead Beat Project as an electro-accoustico project that would allow musical expression in many genres while keeping a unified core feeling of emotionally inspired music to open the mind of the listener. Meandering between rituals, processions, observations and meditations, Goyet's style is cinematic, sending visuals to the brain by means of musical harmonies and beats that invites the listener to discover a universe of mysterious and sensual soundscapes. The music intertwines soft lunar pads and bright melodies that travelling through the expression of spiritual inclinations along the edge of a series of slow tempos. This is multi-dimensional music that lives beyond the stereo scope to open the mind of the listener and allow access to a deeper personal harmony.

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Dead Beat Project - Albums


Wonderful new release from French artist Olivier Goyet. The music on Samsara is the backdrop to the inspirational and artistic Gwam dance project that tours Europe. It is highly emotive and melodic instrumental music, laced with ocasssional vocal textures plus acoustic instruments and percusion that contains a depth and beauty that draws the listener in. Full of rich themes and gently rhythmic motion, this is a magical tour de force.

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'R'Evolution' is the soundtrack to a visionary instrumental opera that depicts with sounds, beats, harmonies and visuals the birth, life, decay and death of our world, and a possible rebirth with a New Vision. Stylistically, this crosses electronic music, references the Klaus Schulze style swirling, dense atmospheric pads, contemporary chill-out that's not too dissimilar to Schiller, occasional nods to the style of dark ambient electronica circa Witchcraft, with a little Jon Serrie style space music thrown in for good measure. The album succeeds firstly and most importantly because it's an emotive and compelling listen, and secondly because it's all cleverly interwoven with simple but interesting rhythms that hint at ethnic origins while remaining totally contemporary. A great choice of sounds and atmospherics plus the occasional vocal textures add an air of mystery, and even occasional suspense, making for a hugely satisfying listening experience. The album is superbly produced and the music draws you in and doesn't let go. An exceptionally intriguing album.


At last we're delighted to share with you the dark and moody 2007 first independent CD from Dead Beat Project. Deep, deep pads and contemporary sequences and rhythms underpin strange and ethereal voice textures and some terrific atmospherics.

Original and imaginative, the music evolves in a style not too dissimilar to Schiller. This really is a terrific album with a great 'feel' - darkly melodic - with an otherworldly beauty that's rooted firmly in electronica, chill, downtempo territory. Highly recommended.

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