AD Music - Sending Demo CD's

AD Music Policy - Sending Your Demo CD's.

Please read this page carefully before sending us your CD demo.

First off, DON'T SEND US, pop, country, jazz, trance, RnB, House rap or rock etc.... we're not set up to deal with those types of music, so please don't waste our time and your money by sending us anything other than instrumental electronic music. If you do other styles of music then try the following link to find places to send your demos.......

Band it A&R Newsletter: - Find out about A&R people at music companies world-wide, ready to sign new projects in your genre - every month! Your direct line to the international Music Business.

We only deal in instrumental electronic and chillout music.

(tip - to find a record label dealing in a specific genre of music. find artists in that genre and see which labels they're on. Amazon is a good tool as they list the labels in their CD info - or try the Bandit newsletter above.)

Secondly, don't ask us to go to a website or a my space page or any other online location to listen to your music - we wont, please be clear on that, we don't have the time.

Thirdly, don't send us mp3's via email. They will be automatically trashed and because they clog up our mail system, we'll probably put your address on our "bounce to sender" list - so audio CD's/CDrs only with a brief bio and email address. And please, please write postal and email address's clearly.

Fourthly, it might take us a while to get back to you. If you want to send us an email to confirm if we received the demo, that's fine, we'll answer that. We always reply to ALL demo submissions sent to us but please expect to wait a few months before we get back to you.

Finally, we only accept music on a 100% exclusive basis, both as a physical (CD) release and download release, worldwide, for a minimum period of 10 years. You would also be assigning the publishing rights to us exclusively in perpetuity. So, if you've already released it independently on CD or have it online, or have other publishing arrangements, we won't be interested under any circumstances. We commit ourselves 100% to AD Music; we're in it for the "long haul" and we expect nothing less of the artists whose music we sign to the label. So our terms ensure a long term commitment by both parties.

Okay, so you wanna send us a demo eh?

Well, that's fine, but there are a number of things you need to know before you do decide to send us your musical creation.

The music industry is a VERY difficult and fickle business. If you think you're gonna "Make it rich" or you're gonna "Be a star", then forget it - don't contact us. We're only interested in musicians who are passionate about their music and who are in the business of making music for "The long haul", because, believe this......" There is NO short road to success!"

Artists must be prepared to work with us, to accept that we are in charge of the music, the artwork, even probably their image. The artist must accept that they will be assigning the rights of their music to the record label and the publishing rights to a publishing company. That said, the deal we offer is a good and generous one.

Artists who stay with AD Music get off their butts and help us get the music "out there", because AD Music is an artist run label that has no room whatsoever for artist egos or tantrums, or musicians with attitude. Everyone is treated the same here - no huge advances (so don't order the big car if you sign a deal with us), no star billing - just the making of good music. Everything that goes out on the label reflects on everyone with the label. It's sort of a family, a co-operative. It may be business, but it's a personal business.

The rewards are being with a respected and established label in the genre with growing online, digital and retail sales and publishing with a major music publisher that, with a bit of luck, can yield some financial rewards.

So, if you send us your demo it will be listened to critically by a number of people to see if it fits in with AD Music's vision of electronica, chill out and synth electronic music (not dance). Even then, many factors will need to come together before we decide to put the album out.

Send us a demo CD, with brief biography plus pics plus full contact details, including email (so we can contact you). We don't return demos....... it will be destroyed. If it's not what we want, we'll email you a standard "Thanks but no thanks" reply. We'll only give a full reason why we don't want it if requested to do so.

So that's it, if you still want to send us your demo, send it to the address below; remember audio CD/CDr ONLY.

Electronic Music Demos.
A.D. Music,
5 Albion Road,
NR35 1LQ,

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