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Dhyanam is originally from the USA and as a teenager he wrote and recorded his songs and played guitar in a number of Rock and R&B bands. At the same time, he was developing a taste for music "outside of the boundaries" of everything he was hearing and playing. The first big change of musical direction came during his time of traveling  and living in India, where he fell in love with Indian music, which led him to study and learn to play the sitar.

Dhyanam then moved to Holland, where he currently lives. He works in his studio in Amsterdam along with his wife who produces all of his music. He now draws inspiration from the rich classical music heritage of Europe, as well as from the pioneers of European electronic music such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and soundtrack masterpieces like Klaus Doldinger's Das Boot. But above all, the music of the master himself - Vangelis, continues to amaze him. With all of these influences bubbling inside of him, Dhyanam's focus is drawn ever more to merging Western classical, pop, new age and other contemporary musical forms together with electronic and computer generated sounds to create music that ranges from introspective to joyous.

His approach to composing is one of letting the melody lead the way, and this is evident throughout his compositions, which are full of heartfelt melodies, interwoven with synthesizer sounds and rhythms, creating a richly woven melodicelectronic tapestry, that is intricate in its simplicity.

  dhyanam - electronic musician

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Dhyanam - Reviews

"Deep Embrace" reviewed by musikzircus (Germany)

Dhyanam comes originally from the USA and "Deep Embrace" is the debut album on the British AD Music label. Dhyanam music is inspired by the electronic music of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Art of Noise and Brian Eno as well as the classics.

On the twelve pieces, the music has a moderate Easy Listening, New Age Music feel and style. Strings, flutes and soft guitar and a nice feeling of space give the sound a warm and relaxing feel. The production is excellent and in the style of the former Nightingale Records and other New Age artist such as Anugama, Karunesh or Kamal. Occasionally, as on "The source", influences like Vangelis shimmers through.

Dhyanam's music is very catchy with lovely melodies, producing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, suited for esoteric, relaxation and even healing. People who like that style of music or, say Kitaro, will certainly love this and it is an excellent example of well structured, intelligent new age music.

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