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Dreamerproject is the creative brainchild of Norwegian artist Kjetil Ingebrigtsen.

Kjetil has been making music for a long time. His first demo was a piano ballad called "Dream On" which was recorded in "At The Barn" studios in Fredrikstad. In 2005 he started working on his first electronic music, and two years later released the demo album "Voyage". During this time he recorded 7 songs, 2 of them recorded at the Xenomorph studios in Edmonton.The rest of the songs were recorded in his hometown of Fredrikstad. There were several producers on the album "Voyage", Sebastian Komor(working with aplhaville), Richard Bjørklund(Spektralized) and Einar K (Singned on Armada Music) who is one of Norway's largest trance acts together with DJ Lemon. The album was mastered by Richard Bjørklund.

Voyage has been a popular demo, and one of the songs Voyage part 6 (produced by Richard Bjørklund) appears as "Voyager (Nattefrost Remix)" On the Nattefrost album "Tracks From The Archives vol.2″. The album is also available through AD Music.

In 2011 the AD Music label signed the "in progress" Road to Your Heart" album which is arranged and produced by veteran AD Music em artist David Wright who was impressed by the beauty and melodic content of Kjetil's music.

Music now available from our new site - ADmusicshop.com

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