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AD Music - Enterphase

For fans of the more traditional European pioneers of the 1970's, Enterphase are USA duo Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert, who produce instrumental Berlin style, improvised sequencer electronic music in Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk style. Phase One and Phase Two are both considered EM classics, while Solar Promenades includes notable guest appearances from David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dumitru to expand to expand the Enterphase repertoire to include more ambient and spacey textures. No self respecting EM collection should be without Enterphase!

The Sky Route (Original) - Video - SkySights - The Sky Route (original). Music composed on the Synergy synthesizer by Fred Becker.

Enterphase - CD Albums and Downloads

Release 2004 AD37CDSolar Promenades

A celestial excursion extraordinaire! Sequences, melodies and floating textures to carry your mind away. Space music at its very best.

Release 1998 AD21CDPhase 2 - Special Price

The definite "Must Have" for fans of the more improvised, German influenced traditional Electronic Music.

Release 1994 AD14CDPhase One

Eclectic, improvised sequencer based electronic music, similar in style to early Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze and a big seller in the mid 90's.


"Solar Promenades makes you want to turn up your stereo, close your eyes, and experience the glory of beautiful synth work."

"All in all, the CD is a delight and, in my opinion, an essential album to own if you love electronic spacemusic with elements of SF woven into it. Highly recommended."

"The band is reaching the height of his musical virtuosity. Phase 2 could become a production to be remembered for a long time."

"In electronic music there are those rare magic moments where artists come together and everything falls into place. Phase One by Enterphase is a documentation of just such a conjunction of favorable conditions."
Review from Voyager Magazine

Enterphase band pic

Enterphase is Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert, two instrumental electronic musicians in the tradition of the European pioneers of the 1970's. Fred was most influenced by the musical productions of Conny Plank for groups like Cluster, Harmonia, Neu and Kraftwerk. His compositions are marked by a unique rhythms which serve as a base for his cosmic, contemplative melodies. These melodies formed the basis for his first  

Jeff Filbert with keyboardsJeff was greatly influenced by the sequential rhythms and melodies of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, and the classical and fiery improvisational solos of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Jan Hammer. Jeff has also produced and hosted a popular radio program, 'Music From the Global Village' for over 10 years and is a regular contributor of articles and reviews for various Electronic music publications in the USA, including Dreams Word, Synthesis and Beyond the Horizon. Fred and

Jeff first collaborated musically when they teamed up for an informal recording session after a small concert in central Florida, on the evening of a space shuttle launch. The results of the music were so satisfying that after discussions with Gladden Photographics, who supplied the astonishing artwork, and David Wright at AD Music, they decided to release it on CD and hence, Phase One (AD14CD), by the duo Enterphase, was born.  Their second CD, Phase 2, was released in March 1998. Their third album, entitled Solar Promenades, arrived in early 2004.

Album Reviews

Solar Promenades

Review by Bill Binkelman -

Solar Promenades By Enterphase - electronic synth music CD Enterphase are Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert and they are two highly talented synthesizer players, if Solar Promenades is any indication. Intermixing elements of traditional spacemusic, SF noises and effects, classic electronic new age music, and a few sidesteps into electronica, retro EM, and ambient, the CD is an adventurous yet wholly accessible musical excursion into the realm of outer space, or to mysterious locales on other planets, or even simply partaking of broad vistas on a deep violet night sky here on Earth. All in all, this is outstanding music to immerse oneself in, listening to it on headphones in a dark room and allowing oneself to float/cruise away into one's imagination.

The title track starts things off nicely with twinkling sequenced notes, haunting washes of classic spacemusic keyboards, and some mildly distorted noise effects now and then. "After Service" begins with abrupt alien-ish sounds amidst skittering contemporary beats and textures and slowly the song incorporates more and more elements, while staying relatively low key. The mix is really dense on this cut, and it's fun to try to isolate all the musical components, whether they are whooshing and shushing sounds, soft synth strings, or other things out on the periphery. "Procession at Dawn" has a certain regal and stately feel to it (you'd expect as much with that title, right?) as fuzz tones, sequenced retro synth bleeps, and soaring keyboards swirl around each other

Throughout the album, the production, engineering and mix is outstanding, among the best I heard last year. It's difficult to believe that the two artists use only three different synths, although since they are assisted on various tracks by other notables in the EM and ambient world (Dean De Benidictus, David Wright, and John Dumitru), it's not really just two synths at times. Of course, it's nigh impossible (for me at least) to tell who is doing what, but in this case, the "whole" is so damned enjoyable that I don't mind being unable to differentiate.

Other songs include the beautiful "Snow Paths" (a lovely song that manages to be "pretty" without being the least bit sappy), the relatively long (nine-and-a-half minutes) "Ray Bradbury's Ghost" (constantly evolving background spacemusic elements and cosmic noises bouncing and flowing over, around, and through a refrain on what sounds like guitar, but must be a synth instead) and "When the Morrow Breaks" (which starts slowly and somewhat dark with male chorales, bell tones, and lush washes, and folds into twinkling chimes and some exotic and semi-discordant electronic noises and pitch-bent synths, all the while retaining an overall element of melancholy music).

This is Enterphase's third album and my first exposure to Becker and Filbert's unique take on combining retro and contemporary electronic music of assorted types. After thoroughly digesting Solar Promenades (I must have listened to it eight times already, at least), I only wish I had known of them sooner. It's great to hear music that sounds fresh and exciting every time I play it, and doubly so in that it pays homage to the beginnings of the spacemusic and EM genres at the same time it brings all sorts of contemporary wrinkles to the music as well. All in all, the CD is a delight and, in my opinion, an essential album to own if you love electronic spacemusic with elements of SF woven into it. Highly recommended.

Solar Promenades

Reviewed by Alan Freeman - Audion Spring 2005

Solar Promenades By Enterphase - electronic synth music CDA bit different to the usual fare of David Wright's AD Music label. Enterphase come across as very Teutonic styled ambient synth music in the relaxed vein of early Nik Tyndall and maybe Tangerine Dream, circa Canyon Dreams and Underwater Sunlight. There are many influences at play here, some due to Enterphase themselves, USA synth stalwarts Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert, others due to the guest appearance of David Wright himself, and of another renown synth exponent, Dean de Benedictis. All very nice, both involving and ideal as background music.

Phase 2

Review by

phase 2 CD by Enterphase - electronic music Enterphase approaches us with a new electronic work of the best quality. The band is reaching the height of his musical virtuosity. Phase 2 could become a production to be remembered for a long time. The style, powerful, agile and with a great use of sequencers, enters within the realm of Space Music. The nine compositions included in this album are pure electronic music, with the philosophy of exploring new sonic continents nonetheless without abandoning melody and rhythm. These two become fused into complex constructions, where the sequencers shape the melodies. Almost all the passages are dense, incorporating complicated sequenced paragraphs, mysterious melodies and magic environments.

Solar Promenades

Review by Synthtopia

Solar Promenades By Enterphase - electronic synth music CDSolar Promenades, the latest release from Enterphase, is a strong set of new age/space music tracks that are dreamy and melodic, but that also carry an undercurrent of mystery and darkness.

Enterphase is made up of keyboardists Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert. On this release, they are joined by David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dumitru, who contribute additional synth work and sound design. They make creative use of a massive arsenal of synths.

Enterphase's music recalls the sounds of classic space music and Berlin school electronica of the sevenites. Their music has hints of early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Mychael Danna, Steve Roach and Michael Stearns.

As I Hide cover picMany of the tracks on Solar Promenades are gentle and contemplative. Enterphase makes extensive use of the bell-like sounds of the Yamaha DX7, along with slow, phasing strings, creating textures that change continually without jarring. They make subtle use of sequencers to shape their tracks, repeating minimal melodies to create reflective atmospheres.

The tracks on Solar Promenades have a cinematic quality that encourages mental imagery. Each track establishes a set of sounds and textures, and then Enterphases weaves together improvised melodies and effects. Some of the highlights of the CD are: Ray Bradbury's Ghost, an extended track that glides slowly forward on a guitar-like sequenced melody; Time Unbound, which features interesting synth soloing over hypnotic sequences; and the final track, For You, which moves between dark ambient music to a mellow jazz vibe and back.

The sound quality of the CD is excellent. Solar Promenades makes you want to turn up your stereo, close your eyes, and experience the glory of beautiful synth work.

Solar Promenades

Review by Tony Gerber, Space For Music Records

Solar Promenades By Enterphase - electronic synth music CD "Solar Promenades from the electronic group Enterphase has become my favorite electronic CD since they sent me a pre-release copy a few weeks ago...I look forward to the official AD Music release...There is an enchantment and mystery to this wonderfully poetic space music adventure in the old school analog vein but yet feathering out into a freshness unique to this moment and time...The pristine quality of letting a CD play over and over again without getting tired sounding is contained within Solar Promenades. A magically healing quality... The new CD from Enterphase is a release we would have loved to release at SFM. I love this presentation of electronic sonic dialogues!"

Phase One

Review from Voyager Magazine

phase 1 by Enterphase - electronic music CDIn electronic music there are those rare magic moments where artists come together and everything falls into place. Phase One by Enterphase is a documentation of just such a conjunction of favorable conditions.

The CD starts with the serene and relaxed Lunar Vista. Then the mood changes to a warmer alien ambience with the piece Altarian Meadow. The next tune is an ethereal, nostalgic, and pretty composition called Andromeda Signal. The music suddenly changes pace as it launches into a TD like tune called Blue Shift. The last piece Time Dilation starts off with a catchy base riff that slowly fades into the background. This long piece gradually fades away leaving the listener relaxed and satisfied.

The cover art is quite striking. Blue and red diamonds swirl into a vortex that draws the viewer's eyes hypnotically. On the back cover is a view of galaxies and comets. Even the CD itself has an interesting design on it.

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