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Glenn Main is a Norwegian electronic music composer whose music is influenced by such luminaries as Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro.

He started his own recording studio in Oslo during the early 1990's and released his first solo albums "Electronic Secret" and "Message" in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Both these albums were critically well received and the launch pad for establishing "Glenn Main" as a serious artist on the European electronic music circuit. He has subsequently carved a niche for himself by creating well produced, melodic electronic music that clearly mirrors his influences, yet strikingly retains a totally unique style as was evident in his 3rd release Arctic Treasures. Glenn's music also shows that he is not afraid to push boundaries and explore new musical territory while remaining true to his unique core style and musical integrity.

A prolific live performer in Norway, Glenn has won critical acclaim from fans and media alike for his concerts.

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Released June 2012 AD107CD (CD, MP3 & Flac)Ripples
Ripples by Glenn Main


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Glenn Main has established himself as a purveyor of high quality, melodic electronic music that sits comfortably in the realms of his influences. But his music bears only a passing resemblance to Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis or Tangerine Dream, because Glenn has carved out a totally unique style of melodic electronic music that has grown and evolved with each new release. AD Music is pleased to release his 4th CD "Ripples", an album that cements Glenn's place in the electronic music scene by virtue of its simple genius and creativity. Glenn is not just an expert keyboard player, but 'Ripples' highlights a growing maturity and a desire to explore new musical territory that has to be applauded.

From the delicate opening "Echoes of the Past" to the evocative closing "Outward Bound" this album washes gently and serenely over the listener with a warmth and emotional prowess that few artists in the genre can achieve. 'Ripples' is an album that oozes emotion, not only through the beautiful themes that Glenn conjures, but by the clever simplicity with which he creates his musical soundscapes. 'Ripples' is a thing of beauty, a delight to be savoured.

Schallwelle Music Awards - Winner "Best International CD 2012”

Released 2009 GM201001 (CD)Arctic Treasures
Arctic Treasures by Glenn Main

Arctic Treasures

  1. Arctic Theme
  2. The Lost Cave
  3. Inner Voices
  4. Ice Phone
  5. Total Meltdown
  6. Iceman's Melody
  7. Lonely Ice Bear
  8. Ice Tunes
  9. Talking Ice
  10. Under the Surface

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Released 2010 GM201001 (CD)Message
Message by Glenn Main


  1. Message from Me
  2. Message to USA
  3. Message to Brazil
  4. Message to Spain
  5. Message to Poland
  6. Message to France
  7. Message to Antarctica
  8. Message to China
  9. Message to Russia
  10. Message to You

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