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Louise Eggerton - CD Album

Debut vocal album from Code Indigo vocalist of mature and original melodic pop music. Although this may be likened to Dido, Louise has her own sound and identity that is both captivating and refreshing.

Produced by Dave Massey (Code Indigo/Callisto).

Louise is part of a new breed of artists, emerging as a response to the pre-packaged and TV created ‘pop’ stars of modern times. She not only sings everything on her album, including all harmonies and backing vocals, she also wrote all the music and lyrics.

“Natural”, includes songs that Louise has written over the last few years as well as new material, incorporating different styles of music while retaining continuity. It also brings to light the unique character of Louise’s vocal talents.

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Serene Life of Microbes by Richard Bone - ambient electronic instrumental music CD
by Louise Eggerton
Now available from our new site -
Louise is the face behind the vocals on the 3rd Code Indigo album 'Timecode'.

Her solo album 'Natural' is full of melodic, highly original pop songs. A unique collection of personal music.

All the lyrics and music is written by Louise with production and creative rhythm and synth programming by Dave Massey.

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