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This page contains examples of the melodic, new age music to be found in the AD Music catalogue. Often this music will feature piano and strings and the music will be thematic and intended not only to be artistic, but also to create optimism and peaceful atmosphere and harmony. While this music was not originally produced with the intention of being "new age relaxation music", it does fall into that category by definition of its melodic and emotive style and has been embraced by the new age music buying community..


New Age Music - CDs and Downloads

Release 2019 AD68CDNew Day by Steve Barnes

An exquisite contemporary piano and strings based album presenting romantic new age music that has all the hallmarks of a seasoned composer who knows how to construct a tune and convey emotion and atmosphere.

new day by Steve Barnes

New Day

Release 2008 AD65CDEvergreen by Robert Fox

A stunningly beautiful and evocative album, full of emotion and a whole load of memorable and haunting themes that re-affirms his status as one of the UK finest electronic, new age musicians. A majestic tour de force!

Evergreen by Robert Fox - electronic instrumental music CD and download


Release 2010 AD82CDWalking With Angels - Best of Vol 4

Emotionally inspired and gently rhythmic music of real depth and beauty that will take you on a spiritual journey to your innermost heart and soul through beautiful soundscapes created by some of the most gifted artists of the genre.

Walking with Angels music CD

Walking With Angels

Release 2010 AD76CDBeyond Paradise - Best of AD Vol 3

Deeply moving, gently rhythmic and inspirational new age music that manages to be vibrant, uplifting and tranquil. Featuring superbly remastered and edited music from some of the most respected and accomplished composers of the genre.

Beyond Paradise music CD

Beyond Paradise

Release 1996 AD13CDElysian Fields by Bekki Williams

Emotive and melodic album is thematic New Age music based on Greek mythology. Bekki brings a definite feminine sensibility into her music and this is a recognized classic which is as magical as the title implies!

Elysian Fields By Bekki Williams - easy listening electronic music CD

Elysian Fields

Release 2004 AD50CDReturning Tides by David Wright

Compilation featuring 18 David Wright Classics from period 1991 - 2004. Includes 24 bit digitally re mastered Rysheara, Taiga, Nomad, Sygyzy, Guardians, Shah, Continuum, Walking With Ghosts plus many more.

returning tides by David Wright electronic instrumental music CD

Returning Tides

Release 20080 AD63CDRThe Garden by Geigertek

A superb creation that has its roots firmly in the "melodic new age" style of instrumental music, with strong hints of romanticism and no shortage of great tunes from Code Indigo keyboard player. !

the garden by geigertek

The Garden

Release 2008 AD61CDrDeep Embrace by Dhyanam

Beautiful and emotionally rewarding music with a gently laid back style of new age instrumental music. A treat for lovers of melodic music that embraces classical, cosmic, gently rhythmic and Tomita style up tempo pieces.

deep embrace by dhyanam

Deep Embrace

Release 2000 AD34CDMythology by Robert de Fresnes

Symphonic crossover album somewhere between Enigma and Mike Oldfield. Lush orchestrations and memorable melodies are laced with great guitar and keyboards all held together by wonderfully atmospheric vocals and vocal textures.

Mythology by Robert De Fresnes - melodic instrumental music CD


Release 1998 AD42CDAtlantis by Robert de Fresnes

A timeless journey of new age music with ambient minimalism and space music soundscapes that creatse a mystical adventure to the lost continent. A best selling new age music classic.

Atlantis by Robert de Fresnes, instrumental music CD


Digital Albums Info

To purchase a download, click the appropriate 'buy MP3' or 'buy Flac' button and once you've completed the Paypal transaction you will be sent an email containing a link to download the album. All releases are in high quality MP3 format at 320kbps or uncompressed Flac and come complete with artwork.

The file sizes for single albums are around 180 - 400mgb, and as large as 900mgb for double Flac albums, so please bear this in mind if you don't have broadband or have slow broadband speed. The file you download will be a ZIP file - just double click this file to open it up and reveal the individual MP3 tracks and artwork.

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