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Frank PelsFrank Pels AKA "The Pels Syndicate" started music very early. He started learning to play the flute and piano at 5 and 7 years old respectively, which eventually resulted in conservatory degrees in Schoolmusic, applied music electronics and jazz piano. Frank's interest in electronic music and instruments was born at age 16 when he purchased his first synthesiser, a 1972 model d mini-moog, which he still uses today.

Frank toured and recorded in pop bands like MO, EZ Money and Womack & Womack for several years. He also programmed, played keyboards and carried out production for numerous artists before building his own studio and releasing his first CD "The Pels Syndicate" in 1991. This instrumental music dance orientated CD led to the foundation of The Pels Syndicate Music & Sounddesign. This company has composed music for hundreds of commercials worldwide, tv tunes, tracks for children's CD's, numerous documentaries and films, fashion shows, laser shows and many other events covering all kinds of musical styles.

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Cinematic Blue - Review in Progression Magazine

This is the 2010 debut offering by Holland’s The Pels Syndicate aka Frank Pels (a new release dropped 2012). His composing for documentaries and film is evident in these cinematic electronic chill out tracks. The sound is expansive and pristine in a cross between The Future Sound of London and a down tempo Crystal Method. Compositions are relatively short (three to five minute range) for this genre but are mind melting melodic bathing the senses in rich sensuous soundscapes that can serve as main focal points as well as trancy backdrops. Each track is of its own and varies from the next as all forms of electronica are explored from groove laden tracks “Metro Movie” and “Tribal Civilization” to the percolating “Searchlight” and “Eclectic Electric” to free form ethereal floats “Invisible Cinema” and the title track.

There’s even an awesome organic guitar layered track, “City Skywalker”. There’s a lot to like in Cinematic Blue with its lush pulsating presentation replete with synthetic violins, throbbing bass lines and all manner of soaring majestic keyboards including the 1972 model D mini moog. --WARREN BARKER (Rating: 14 out of 16 stars)



The Pels Syndicate by Chemical Inconveniences CD

''Atmospheric, multi-layered soundscapes is the hallmark facet of The Pels Syndicate new album Chemical Inconveniences. Think a down tempo, mellow version of The Crystal Method meets Mark Farina-style Acid Jazz. The tracks wax and wane from dreamy and ethereal to groovy drone electronica and leave almost no electronica subgenre unrepresented. The brainchild of Dutch keyboardist/sound engineer Frank Pels, the record is another notch in the belt of who is already an astonishingly accomplished musical mind.
The album opens to "Prelude Particles" and its myriad layers of synth. The different effects-laden sounds build through addition after addition. There is a constant pulsing synth note set behind layers of weepy strings and classic piano notes with slight electronic backing drumbeat. This track sets the chill tone that runs through the album. The trippy ethos of the title track "Chemical Inconveniences" again features a multitude of sounds that eventually meld into one soundscape while a chimey melody eventually appears at the foreground, while mysterious electronic clicks and clanks rest just underneath, serving as fills. "Mersik and Boomchik Dancing" continues the trippy feel with its urgent backing beat, spacey synth blasts and more simulated string notes. Again this track ascends and builds with layer placed upon layer as the track plays out. Finally, "Transition Zone" rounds out the fold with its loungey drum beat and atmospheric scope. At roughly the midpoint, stern effects-laden synth melody enters the fold, again illustrating Pels' penchant for transitions within the body of his tracks.

Chemical Inconveniences is almost an aural resume of Pels' ability and prowess within the electronica genre. His ability to create a sum from the multiple parts is proof that this guy hears things differently than your average artist/musician. What is noticeable about the songs is that they can be taken for face value as an album collection or utilized on their own merits as backing music for a movie score or even soundtrack. Either way you approach it; these are 11-tracks that have the ability to take you away to some other place. ''

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ASCAP Music blog

''My guest today has got the cool factor in his contagious and captivating sound. ThePelsSyndicate is a one man band who resides in the Netherlands. He has got his second album out now 'Chemical Inconveniences' and it is 11 tracks of dance music that transcends genres and takes you on a mental trance without the LSD. Join me today as we talk with the man behind ThePelsSyndicate about the album, using Facebook, his other ventures, and much more. ThePelsSyndicate are also offering an MP3 of the single "Chemical Inconveniences" to give you a small taste, enjoy! ''

"Need some music to simultaneously keep you focused and transport you somewhere far away from the white walls and fluorescent lighting of your office? We recommend Chemical Inconveniences, the new album by ASCAP member Frank Pels aka The Pels Syndicate. Pels has parlayed his expertise in commercial and library music into a compelling disc of chilled-out electronica and gorgeous soundscaping. We're listening to it right now, and doing everything we can not to float off into the ether..."

"The Pels Syndicate's musical universe is pleasantly fascinating. It's a universe where the rhythms and melodies arise from a rich sound fauna full of a soft originality and of a clever subtlety. Built on 11 titles embroidered in the meanders of a musical and artistic research worth of great sounds and tones sculptors as well as percussions designers, Chemical Inconveniences abounds in these melodies sometimes melancholic, oniric and poetic which clash on rhythms of steel and lead, upbeat, soft techno and\or groovy/ mellow. Caustic and attractive contrasts! Oppositions which get attracted and seduced for the biggest pleasure of our ears.''

Ross McGibbon

''A brave move for a man doing purely instrumental work but things are different "over there" in Europe. Less like incidental music, Frank has produced more independent tracks this time, with the tunes and hooks you'd normally get in vocal music. Colours are vibrant and beats are mostly lively, timbres are rich and the lower end of the scale keeps booming along (if you have a sub-woofer, you may hear furniture bounce). I'm normally a fan of even more soothing synth music but this is a refreshing change and the lack of vocals, combined with deep electronic beats, makes it a wind-down album.''

Sylvain Lupari - Guts of Darkness

''I discovered The Pels Syndicate's musical universe by the means of its 2nd album Chemical Inconveniences. I had of course heard Cinematic Blue of a little convinced ear. And it's after having tamed the Frank Pels' 2nd opus and its melodies stand firm on ambivalent rhythms that I decided to invest the universe of Cinematic Blue and its 14 titles where melodies are more fragmented, divided on much more diversified percussions, both in genres and in tones, where the influence of Jean Michel Jarre is very present. In fact, The Pels Syndicate's musical world, at least on Cinematic Blue, is concentrated on its percussions and its throbbing pulsatory bass lines, leaving just a few space to keyboards and their chords of melancholy, to synths which weave more often than otherwise wings of violins to which rhythms of lead, down-tempo and even of soft disco with a zest of synth-pop are binding to. In brief; a much diversified musical pattern for a first album which sometimes has the defect of its qualities.Unfinished melodious structures on boiling rhythms must be the best way to describe Cinematic Blue. For his very first solo album, the Dutch synthesist puts the pressure on diversified rhythms and percussions to the detriment of ambiences and melodies making of Cinematic Blue an album which goes into the ears with strength, forgetting to tone down its passion. It's a rough and heavy album which misses a little of this subtlety that we find on Chemical Inconveniences but which is ideal, I guess, to knock down pretty hard the eardrums and the walls. And those who like the eclectic percussions will be charmed by several titles on this album which also contains some very inspiring tracks. I think it's the best of thee worlds! ''

"The Pels Syndicate ist für mich ein neuer Name in der Elektronikszene. Hinter diesem Pseudonym verbirgt sich der britische Musiker Frank Pels. Sein Album Cinematic Blue" ist bereits im Jahr 2010 erschienen, ich hab es aber erst jetzt, beim diesjährigen E-Live in die Hände bekommen. 14 Stücke mit Laufzeiten zwischen 2:53 und 5:05 Minuten Spielzeit sind auf dem Silberling enthalten, der bei A.D. Music, dem Label von David Wright, herausgekommen ist.Gleich im Opener "Searchlight" weht dem Hörer ein frischer Wind um die Ohren, denn der Sound ist irgendwie neuartig. Nicht das es jetzt bahnbrechend Neues zu hören gibt, aber die Art, wie Frank hier seine Klänge aufbaut, das hat etwas Frisches. "Searchlight" bohrt sich mit einer unglaublichen Leichtigkeit in die Gehörgänge. Und mit diesem Glasklaren Sound geht es dann auch flugs im nächsten Stück "Tesla Baby", das sehr rhythmisch daher kommt, weiter. Diesem dominanten Rhythmus werden Basssounds im Hintergrund spendiert und herrliche Flächen schweben darüber, ergänzt um einige Pianotupfer. Das klingt alles so locker und leicht, ohne in seichte Gewässer abzudriften. Wie ein klassisches Stück, das bei einer Klavierstunde gespielt wird, klingt der Einstieg von "Eclectic Electric". Sobald dann aber die Flächen auftauchen und der Rhythmus angezogen wird, ist es mit der Klavierstunde vorbei. Shuffle-mäßig, wie in einem Zug, der von einer Dampflok angetrieben wird, fährt das Stück dahin.

Tribal Civilisation" bietet tribalartige Perkussion, die recht ethnisch klingen. Das ist ein richtig perkussiver Track, dem aber eine Melodielinie gegönnt wurde. Ein sehr schönes Stück. Flirrende Synthies und einen fast funkigen Rhythmus gibt es dann bei "Yellow In 64". Hardcore Vision" hat einige schöne Stereoeffekte zu bieten. Und auch der fette Sounds kommt richtig gut, am besten hört man das über eine voll aufgedrehte Anlage (die Nachbarn werden sich freuen). Alle weiteren Stücke halten diesen Standard, ohne dass ein Stück abfällt. "End Games" kommt mit unglaublich fetten Sounds und hat etwas von Soundtrack, wie viele andere Stücke auch. Mit dem Wort Cinematic im Titel liegt Frank da gar nicht so falsch, denn man hat das Gefühl des Breitwandkinos bei dieser Musik. Ob "Cinematic Blue" das Debüt von Frank Pels aka The Pels Syndicate ist, kann ich nicht sagen, zumindest aber haben wir es hier mit einer sehr rhythmischen und frischen Scheibe aus dem Bereich der Elektronikmusik zu tun. Die Sounds kommen Glasklar und dynamisch aus den Boxen und die Harmonien können sich wirklich hören lassen. Ein gelungenes Debüt, auf dessen Nachfolge man gespannt sein kann.''

Stephan Schelle.

The Pels Syndicate by Chemical Inconveniences CD

Chemical Inconveniences has a strong melodic content any highly contemporary style. Light digital beats click, tap, crunch and thud against liquid clear synths whilst complementary washes, arpeggios and electronic embellishments flush and drift in harmony. The rhythms range from the languid, dreamy laziness of A Beautiful Mind and Trying To Remember to the dynamic mid-tempo artificial hi hat flutter of Mersik and Boomchik Dancing and the synth-pop drama of Transition Zone. Tending mostly toward the lower end of the bpm spectrum, the album has a delightful laid back vibe that can function either as relaxing background music or as a rewarding headphones exploration. The eleven compositions here have something of the immediacy and catchiness of mainstream pop, yet they manage to retain a pleasing air of dignity and sharp IDM credibility. Glitchy tendencies, intriguing peripheral effects and crisp production steer the music deftly away from new-age cheesiness, ensuring that the harmonious warmth and tranquil appeal of Chemical Inconveniences don't become too sugary.

Chemical Inconveniences is a jewelcase presentation which is also available in electronic format. The front cover homes in on an image that recurs throughout the package, namely a mechanical-looking molecule structure with planet earth as the central sphere. Radiating metallic arms support shiny projections in diminishing fractal variety. This artificial contruct hangs upon a turquoise-indigo backdrop that is of similar organic-mechanic ambiguity: liquid ripples and perfect graduated sky. Track titles along with their associated timings are found both on the rear cover and within the two-panel inset. Contact information and brief credits are also to be found within.

Dutch soundtrack producer/musician Frank Pels follows up Cinematic Blue with this latest album Chemical Inconveniences. A musician from an early age, Pels has toured and recorded with various pop bands as well as having composed music for numerous commercials, TV programmes, films, fashion shows, laser shows, etc. etc.. This solo release sees Pels' pop-honed skills and keen cinematic sensibilities working in tight cohesion; the result is an unusual hybrid of melodic hooks and electro-chill with some very blissful vibes and rapturous presence. The technical quality is fantastic and there are layers to the music that might not be immediately apparent. Released via the AD Music label, tracks can be sampled via the AD website or The Pels Syndicate site own site.

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