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AD Music is always looking to bring fans original new music, and newcomer Ramsaygee doesn't disappoint with a superb and exiting blend of rhythmic electronic music that really is going to surprise listeners with its diversity.

This music is hard to categorize, but probably fits into the category of more modern electronica; think a more rhythmic Mike Oldfield - a heady mixture of rhythms, both real and electronic, tribal beats, real percussion and occasional vocal textures laced with terrific guitar and electronic synth work.

Ramsaygee - Albums

Release 2011 AD89CDrWays

Another extraordinary musical offering from RamsayGee. Dense rhythmic layers provide the backdrop for a totally unique sound that flirts with ethnic, electronica, dub and dance resulting in a stunning modern folk style. The music is varied and melodic; always interesting and contains some wonderful "off the wall" moments - just listen to the mesmerising "Tennis" track for example. This is inspired and totally original music that really grows on you.

Ways by Ramsaygee


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Release 2009 AD71CDrDigital Nights

"Digital Nights" presents a majestic musical soundscape that definitely fits into the "journey" category, where the ethnic rhythms are integrated into the more contemporary electronica motifs to startling effect. The variety of sounds and styles attained is quite remarkable and the overall feel is one of excitement and anticipation as the listener is taken on a dazzling musical trek

Digital Nights by Ramsaygee

Digital Nights

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Release 2009 AD70CDrExotique

The second release by newcomer Ramsaygee is as exiting and diverse as the first. Once again, a varied rhythmic palette is presented that has interesting and catchy world drum and percussion influences both electronic and real. Guitars and vocal textures are again sprinkled with care as the musical vistas remind us of other cultures, and the wide variety of styles has a sense of excitement and journeying to far off lands.

Digital Nights by Ramsaygee


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Ramsaygee Bio

Born in 1973, RamsayGee grew up in South Africa in a musical family, singing parts in arranged four part harmonies at many prestigious functions from an early age, including a television series called "Sing with us" produced and directed by his mother for the S.A.B.C. The Musical interest in his household was very diverse, which led him to grow with a very broad interest in many musical genres. However, the serious interest in music production only began to evolve many years later.

After matriculating at the school of Art, Ballet , Music and Drama in Johannesburg (where he began his schooling in art), he went on to study Drama through Trinity College of London and obtained his Associate (A.T.C.L.) in Drama teaching. Prior to that, he had been very involved in performing on stage, playing lead roles in a few plays and chorus parts with a couple of productions staged by P.A.C.T. which also lead him to perform at the famous Grahamstown Festival. Half way through his last year at college he landed a chorus role in the production of "Me and My Girl" which was staged by the original West End director and choreographer. He then went on to perform in one last show in South Africa, Richard Loring's "We'll Meet Again" at the Midrand Soundstage, a musical show based on the songs of veteran war entertainer Vera Lynn.

Aside from many years of DJ gigs and live singing, RamsayGee has been involved in music production and song writing, collaborating with many artists. Formally the vocalist for two rock bands, he also performed next to Maz Palladino (former backing vocalist for artists like Paul Young and Sting) in Motown Magic which was staged at Twickenham Rugby stadium.

He has also co written many pieces with his brother who runs the Groove Academy for the Learning of Music development for the youth in in late 2008, one of the songs they co-wrote was performed by the Academy in a special guest appearance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Being interested in diverse cultures and their common language of music, and lending many inspirations from daydreams and western and eastern folk music alike, he has experimented and attempted to paint the visionary images that he sees in his mind, to communicate through technology as accurately as possible, the feeling and images and to journey through the auditory senses, to another place. He attempts the same journey through digital art

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