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Richard Bone Instrumental musician

Welcome to USA artist Richard Bone who released his fabulous album “The Serene Life of Microbes” on AD Music in September 2007.

Richard has been making EM for many years and has produced a wonderful and diverse collection of albums. We’re very impressed with his latest offering and are pleased to have it as part of our catalogue. "Serene Life" is a gentle analogue, ambient electronic music excursion that will appeal to those who like drifting space music.

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Richard Bone Album Reviews

Serene Life of Microbes

Review by Serge Kozlovsky

Serene Life of Microbes by Richard Bone - ambient electronic instrumental music CDRichard Bone is one of the greatest instrumentalists of our days. I am always waiting impatiently for an appearance of his new compositions as far as he is always novel, everlastingly changeable, being permanently in search. Richard Bone is not afraid of longing for the unknown, be it the abyss of the cosmos or the human consciousness.

In his new album “Serene Lives of Microbes” released by the English AD Music company the composer is being plunged in profundity of the microcosm. You hear this music and as if you peep in a magnifying glass of a microscope. And you just cannot tear yourself away from it. The whole universe is being open up before your eyes, it becomes larger and larger and you become aware how colossal it is. And this immensity scares you. As well as the inhabitants of this boundless world do. They are full of a captivating beauty, they are living beings who live in this boundless world their own life which is understandable just by them alone. Where from and what for did these cosmos messengers arrive? And you realize that these creatures are mortally dangerous though they look so peaceful and inoffensive. They seduce by their sparkling luminescence, they tempt. And it becomes impossible to get rid of this hypnotic inclination…

And you just start reflecting on the fact how often we get enchanted with the beauty which turns out to be just a tempting bait. And once “sticking” to this beauty you will be lured fast into a trap and will never get out of it…

The 'Serene Life Of Microbes' album is kept up in an austere ambient style. Richard Bone works over the sound in a masterly fashion creating “proprietary” surroundings peculiar to him alone. You can single out any note, enjoy each rustle taken separately, and all of them are the integral part of the composition. There is nothing to excess here. You realize that the picture will be imperfect when only a note is missing. And at the same time Bone’s minimalistic music is very splendid.

The 'Serene Life Of Microbes' album discloses new features of Richard Bone's talent. Once you have managed to listen to this album attentively you will like to hear it again and again since the travel together with this music brings you back to the real world at which you start to look otherwise.

Serene Life of Microbes

Review by Mick Garlick - Sequencers

You might not believe this but Richard Bones used to be a synthpopper, you know. Yeah, it's true, he made a couple of albums (with vocals, even) before turning his hand to producing more atmospheric music, of which this fine album is the latest offering. The 9 tracks here prove that he certainly knows his stuff, using a variety of sounds that all manage to set such strong resonant atmospheres in a manner not totally dissimilar to Michael Stearns' Floating Whispers &, in a number of cases, perfectly evoking the subject title.

'Protozoa Mon Amour' (gotta love those titles!) is a good example of this as the swells of sound that form the music's basis seem to perfectly illustrate amoebae dividing & subdividing ad infinitum. Elsewhere both 'The Seduction Of Dr. Pasteur' & 'Thermatoga' both have a deeply sub-aqueous feel, by which I mean either would provide a perfect accompaniment to any sea-going programme, the dark mood of the latter piece being especially suggestive of the pitch black depths where those dead ugly Angler Fishes live. The deep swells that forms the tracks backbone are almost like the deep breathing of some huge underwater leviathan & this seems to be a regular feature of the album; the way that certain tracks seem to actually 'breathe'; the brighter 'Archea Apart' is another example of this while the album's highlights come in the form of two very different pieces, namely 'Autotrophic Light', where a cheeky little arpeggio is embellished by imaginative rhythmic effects, abstract tones & finished by cheeky little piano clusters to make the most immediately infectious track on the album-cheeky, that the only way to deacribe it while, on a totally different note, 'The Radiant Life' benefits from an irresistably dramatic & poignant feel that the massed strings provide, a full-on orchestra could hardly have done it any better & this is a piece to be savoured as the album enters its final straight which sees 'Going Dormant' closing the album on a much darker & more mysterious note with the abstract tones again providing an effective contrast to the more melodic elements.

There's no doubt that Bone has got the ambient thing just right as, not only are the atmospheres he constructs so effective but accessable but, more importantly, each track has something unique to offer & it's this combination that makes this album the success it is.

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