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During the late 1990's Robert de Fresnes released two of the most popular and endearing New Age style albums available. Atlantis...? and Mythology take the listener on wondrous journeys with music that is as magical as the titles imply, Both albums received worldwide critical acclaim when originally released and we are pleased to announce that they are available again.

Release 2000 AD34CDMythology

Mythology is a very classy offering, a symphonic crossover album that falls into a category somewhere between Enigma, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield.

There are lush orchestrations and memorable themes, and melodies laced with great guitar and keyboard work all held together by wonderfully atmospheric vocals and vocal textures.

Mythology by Robert De Fresnes - melodic instrumental music CD


Release 1998 AD42CDAtlantis

Robert de Fresnes debut album "Atlantis..?" is a timeless journey of cross genre expertise. Robert blends new age sensitivity with ambient minimalism and space music soundscapes to create a mystical adventure to the lost continent. Cleverly utilising the voice of Catherine Foster as an additional texture, this album has found great favor in new age circles and has also become a best selling electronic music classic, highlighting its universal appeal

Atlantis by Robert de Fresnes, instrumental music CD


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