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steve barnesSteve Barnes embarked on his love affair with music when, as a schoolboy, he watched an episode of Blue Peter in which Mike Oldfield record the theme tune to the show, playing all the instruments himself. Steve later remarked that It was the coolest thing he had ever seen and from that day forward, music has played a large part in his life. After a six year spell in the army as a bandsman, during which time he got to play music and see the world, he moved to London in 1992 and soon fell in love with the thriving dance scene.

Over the following ten years he gained a reputation for producing and releasing Trance music and got to work with and remix many interesting and respected artists. Steve recorded under several different pseudonyms, most notably "Digger". He worked for a number of different labels including Kickin records, Slip n Slide, Sun up and Nice n Ripe. In 1999 he went into partnership with well known house music producer Grant Nelson, to form hard house and trance label "Casanostra". (more below)

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New Day - Reviews

The music on this CD is indeed very good. It's like a dream come true. Here 'Steve Barnes' showcases his love for the piano meets electronics style. Each track is filled with emotionally driven piano music and not one track sounds the same in terms of structure and rhythm. They are also very delicate in their own right. It was long ago I heard music as good as this, last time was probably when I bought the album 'Dawn Solace' by 'Jonathan Sorrell'.

The music on this CD will definetely take you higher and evoke emotions and sensations within you never experienced before. Few artists can make music this good, but here you have one that knows it all. This is stunning, my ears love it. Sit back, relax..and dream away! Highly Recommended!!

2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden

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