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The instrumental music of Steve Orchard is highly emotional and inspired by the likes of Tomita, Mike Oldfield & Medwyn Goodall. His roots are based firmly in the folk music scene but his instrumental music is very much based in the meditative, new age, relaxing chill out music style. Steve continues to stretch the boundaries of instrumental & lyrical composition playing acoustic & electric guitars as well as various Korg & Roland keyboards. It has been said that "Steve Orchard is different" and that what you get when you purchase a Steve Orchard album is a "unique discovery".

Steve Orchard started writing original music from the age of 16. Coming from a musical family his influences were Classical & Show tunes, he progressed through his teen's where music was his life blood & his first demo was on 'spool' for which he had an audition at the 'original' Apple Offices in St James Street London. Bands were formed & he gained some notoriety, with music partner Barry Webb at the infamous Bristol Art Centre, playing a residency there & building loyal following including recordings for the BBC Radio Friday Folk Nights. Steve & Barry were prolific song writers sometimes writing & performing a song within a week. It was a good grounding & a basis for quality composing which continues today. In the 90's Steve took on the commercial business of performing, which included performances, at many 100's of venues across the country including the armed services.

Steve's has already gained a strong reputation in the new age market, and his debut album on AD Music in 2011 is the excellent "Riverboat", followed in 2012 by "Undersail".

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